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The Role: IT/Ops engineering or technical leadership, leverages capabilities and prior areas of ownership that span most operating systems, on-prem/datacenter and IaaS realms, and broad architecture & execution from the metal to the people

The Company: prefers FOSS where reasonable, hires for drive (not merely skill), embraces a Montessori-esque culture, keeps merit paramount, and minimizes bureaucratic and political barriers between employees and their best work



Lafayette College, Easton, PA
Bachelor of Arts Dual Degree, cum laude
Courses of Study: Philosophy, Music
GPA: 3.57

Awards and Distinctions
  • Dean’s List, Multimedia Presentation Award, Lafayette Alumni of the Lehigh Valley Music Award
  • Financial Aid Essay Award for Study Abroad: 1st Place (architecture studies in Europe, Jan 2004)
  • Financial Aid Essay Award for Study Abroad: 2nd Place (economics studies in SE Asia, Jan 2005)
  • McKelvy Scholars Residence Program (faculty-nominated, ~6 chosen per year, ~18 scholars total)