2016 KTM 690 Duke, 2100mi, Track Pack + PowerParts

For Sale
2016 690 Duke (5th Gen)
Newly-revised LC4 & TFT Display
Mileage: 2,1xx
Location: Mountain View
Price: $7,440

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Bike History
  • I purchased this bike May 8, 2018 from J&M Motorsports in Mountain View
    • Odometer reading at time of purchase: 512mi
    • Dealership said it had apparently been a repossession
    • Dealership serviced the bike as much as they could before sale
      • Oil/filters/screens change
      • General inspection for torques/chain tension/functionality etc.
      • Could not update software as they're not a KTM dealer and thus don't have access to the KTM diagnostics & update platform
  • Shortly after getting the bike, I removed the stock seats and replaced w/ the Duke IV OEM seat and KTM PowerParts pillion cover (as I didn't like the stock seat).
    • I had these parts from my last Duke (a 2014, which I loved nearly as much as this bike*)
    • I ordered KTM PowerParts ergo seat & ergo passenger seat ($180)
  • I also purchased and installed the front & rear axle sliders ($90)
  • I set out on a road trip along the California Coast
    • Put 1,500mi on the bike during this trip
    • Brought a chain cleaner & lube, serviced chain twice during the trip
  • Upon my return, I had the bike serviced at Motor Cafe in Mountain View as follows:
    • Oil service (+filters/screens)
    • General inspection (torques, chain tension, functionality etc.)
    • KTM Track Pack installation for different Ride Modes (Rain/Street/Sport) as well as added Traction Control, ABS modes, and Motor Slip Regulation
    • Software update to current
    • All recall campaigns carried out (a fuel tank gasket & an add'l zip tie for a cable)
    • Total cost without tax (recall campaigns & updates were on KTM's dime): $462.60
  • Picked up the Ergo seats and installed them
  • Ordered second stock exhaust post-cat section in like-new condition (ebay, $100)
    • This was so I could have the post-cat exhaust (muffler + its header pipe) on the bike cut to use the OEM header pipe & mounting band for a custom-fabricated exhaust

What You Get
    • Bike, freshly-serviced, fully updated, w/ all recall campaigns completed, and Track Pack
    • KTM PowerParts Duke V Ergo Seats (currently fitted, literally ridden just a few miles)
    • KTM PowerParts front & rear axle sliders
    • Original Duke V OEM seats (removed)
    • Original Duke IV OEM seat & Duke IV PowerParts rear pillion cover (removed)
    • Stock muffler/header (currently fitted)
    • Test pipe created from stock muffler's header & OE muffler mounting band for your future use

    *Why I'm Selling
    I unexpectedly purchased a new vehicle on May 20th, and modifying it within "happy wife, happy life" guidelines apparently means I need to sell the bike.

    Test Ride Requirements
    • $7,500 cash from your hand to mine
    • Photo of your current Class M1 driver's license in my phone
    • Photo of your current motorcycle insurance
    • Signed agreement stating that any of the following necessitates the immediate purchase of the bike:
      • damage from any type of accident, or
      • mechanical damage from a moneyshift etc.
    • You wear your own helmet
    • I follow you in my vehicle (I don't have to tail too closely; you're encouraged to open it up, test various Ride Modes, etc.)
    • Total test ride not to exceed 10mi

    Purchase Requirements
    • $7,440 cash or payment via Google Pay

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